Culture, Ethos & Values

School Mission Statement

Giving all the opportunity to succeed by:
encouraging children to grow spiritually, morally and intellectually within a Christian environment through worship and the everyday life of the school
developing the all round potential of every pupil within a broad and quality curriculum, so that they may all achieve the best of which they are capable
creating a happy, caring ethos and a climate of mutual trust which values all members of the school and encourages a pride in personal contribution
keeping the buildings, grounds and resources well maintained to ensure that all identify and interact with their environment
being part of the local community and sharing its concerns
actively seeking a genuine partnership with parents

Lightcliffe Christian Values

Lightcliffe CE Primary school is a church school. This means that the school was founded by the Church of England (in 1869). The school has a church 'ethos' which means that Christian values are at the centre of all we do and at the start of the term, each class chooses three or four Christian values to represent their class.

Our school Christian values link directly to the Bible, and include:

Each of these values becomes the focus of study for a half-term and for the assemblies in that term. Over a three year cycle all the values mean and how they are lived out in our lives. The assemblies are Christian acts of worship which include elements such as stories, prayers, songs and personal thoughts.

Children are encouraged to take a full part in these worship times and they are keen to take part: they seem to enjoy singing, praying and discussing the issues raised.

Our school prayer is used at least once a week:

Thank you God for making us,
Thank you for taking care of us
Thank you for all the good things we enjoy,
Help us to show we are thankful,
By living as you want us to live
And by doing what you want us to do.
For Jesus Christ sake

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