eSafety in the Curriculum

Chris Watson trained as a CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection) Ambassador a number of years ago; this means that as well as being able to deliver the material directly to young people, she is able to train other adults to become CEOP Trainers. Because of this we have access to a wide range of training materials.

E-Safety and Cyber Bullying is covered at least once a year formally in the classroom, although the topic is discussed whenever it arises. We take a 360° approach to this and discuss how everyone is affected by the action, not just the victim.

By one person delivering the topic to years 2-6, we can ensure that key messages are reinforced and pupils’knowledge and understanding is developed and increasingly aligned with the‘real’ world.


ThinkUKnow – ‘Lee & Kim’ - (Delivered by the class teacher)

Aim is to raise pupils’ awareness of the danger of giving their personal information out on the internet. To develop their understanding that people are not always who they say they are.

Key messages:

Year 1:

ThinkUKnow – ‘Hector’s World’ – 6 cartoon episodes - (Delivered by the class teacher)

Aim to reinforce how to keep personal information safe, who and when it is ok to give personal info to.

Key messages:

Year 2:

Childnet – ‘Captain Karaand Winston’ - (Delivered by Mrs Watson)

Aim: to understand SMART use of the internet and how it relates to them.

Key messages:

Year 3:  

‘Adventures of the CyberPigs’ (Canadian MediaSmarts) - (Delivered by Mrs Watson)

Aim: to understand how to avoid SPAM, and to have a better understanding of how to use the internet in a safe and appropriate manner.

Key messages:

Year 4

ThinkUKnow – ‘Play LikeShare’ (3 sessions) - (Delivered by Mrs Watson)

Aim: to help pupils to learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they may encounter online.

Key messages:

Aim to challenge pupil’s understanding of keeping themselves safe online.

Key messages:

Year 5:

ThinkUKnow – ‘Jigsaw’ - (Delivered by Mrs Watson)

Aim: to further develop pupils’ understanding of how to protect personal information,particularly with the use of social media. To gain an understanding of what to do and where to go if worried.

Key messages:

Year 6:

Yhgfl – ‘R U Alright?’ - (Delivered by Mrs Watson)

Aim: to understand the Cyber Bullying affects everyone.

Key messages:

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