School Vision

School vision

‘Inspiring and flourishing together’

‘Lightcliffe Church of England Primary School is a flourishing community. Rooted in God's guidance, we inspire and are inspired. We value all, are kind to all and enable each other to succeed.’


Our school is a Church of England Primary School and was founded by the Church of England in 1869. A rolling programme of worship is published for each half term with Christian Values central to it. A mixture of whole school and key stage worship takes place in the school hall as well as class worship in classrooms.

Worship follows the following format:

Welcome – Gathering – Engaging and responding – Reflecting – Praying – Singing – Sending out

Prayer is invitational with pupils, staff and visitors invited to “make the prayer your own, by saying amen at the end.”

School prayer

Our school prayer is special to for members of our school family. We always finish our ‘Celebration worship’ with our school prayer.

Thank you God for making us, Thank you for taking care of us Thank you for all the good things we enjoy, Help us to show we are thankful, By living as you want us to live And by doing what you want us to do. For Jesus Christ sake Amen

Christian Values

As part of a rolling programme of worship we learn about the 18 Christian Values.

  • Summer 1 2021 - Friendship
  • Summer 2 2021 – Courage
  • Autumn 1 2021 – Compassion
  • Autumn 2 2021 – Joy
  • Spring 1 2022 – Peace
  • Spring 2 2022 – Trust
  • Summer 1 2022 – Generosity
  • Summer 2 2022 - Perseverance

In summer 2021 all members of our school family collaborated to discuss which of the Christian Values were most important to us. Pupils took part in class worship, parents and carers completed an online survey, staff attended meetings and governors discussed at a LGB meeting.

As a result 7 Christian Values were selected which our school family felt were most important to us. These values were then allocated to Year groups as follows:

  • Reception – Friendship
  • Year 1 – Forgiveness
  • Year 2 – Joy
  • Year 3 – Respect
  • Year 4 – Hope
  • Year 5 – Courage
  • Year 6 – Compassion

Throughout the year pupils learn all about their Year group value. The aim is that by the time pupils leave our school at the end of KS2, they are able to confidently articulate the importance of each of these Christian Values, recount Bible stories which focus on the values and also how the values are demonstrated in modern life in 2021 and beyond.

Christian Values awards

Each Friday pupils and staff attend a ‘Celebration worship’ in the school hall or online. Two pupils from each class are nominated for a Christian Values award each week and are presented with a special certificate during the celebration worship. Nominations can be linked to the current whole school Christian Value, the Year group Christian Value or any of the other Christian Values.